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Are you studying IT Service Management certification? Our ITSM Study Guide is complete with everything you need to pass with flying colours. It takes the stress out of studying and prepares you for passing first time around. The course comes complete with custom brain dumps consisting of sample exam question papers tailored by leading IT experts in the field to simulate the official ITSM exam.

We also provide answers so you can test yourself. Many of our clients were able to pass just by memorising the answers! Get the head start you deserve and have an unfair advantage in the exam by simply using our material to supplement your existing study.

Our sample exam papers covers all aspects of the service design process such as Design Coordination, Service Catalogue Management, Service Level Management, Risk Management, Capacity Management, Availability Management, and Supplier Management etc. And can be used as a building block to gain the fundamentals prior to becoming introduced to ITIL, COBIT, FitSM, YaSM or ASL.

Many of our clients consistently pass first time around and have secured a job such as an IT Change Manager, IT Service Manager, and IT Service Architect etc and are earning up to £100,000 per year. Becoming ITSM certified really does open doors into the job market worldwide, especially in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and India.

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What Will You Learn Inside,
Our ITSM Study Guide.

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✔ Understand how IT Service Management and IT Governance relate to one another
✔ Learn how the ITSM Framework is used in the corporate environment
✔ Incident Management - Minimise Service description and resume normal operation
✔ Financial Management - Optimise the cost of IT whilst considering risk factors
✔ Service Portfolio Management- Benchmark services and maximise ROI
✔ Supplier Management - Measure and manage supplier performance
✔ Portfolio Management - Map customers requirements against investment
✔ Service catalogue Management - Improve communications between customer and business outcomes
✔ Service Level Management - Define and agree specific measurable targets
✔ Availability Management - Analyse issues involving service unavailability
✔ Continuity Management - Disaster management and recovery of IT services
✔ Capacity Management - IT infrastructure can support agreed service level targets
✔ Demand Management - Understand, anticipate and influence customer demand for services
✔ Business Relationship Management - understanding customer satisfaction and managing complaints

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